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Authorised Warranty Repairer

Authorised Warranty Repairer 

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Regular maintenance

We believe that regular maintenance of your air conditioning system will keep it in the best shape. We also understand that sometimes the unexpected happens, so we offer dedicated repairs and problem solving, so you don’t have to sweat, or shiver, any longer than necessary.

Our skilled technicians have all been trained in-house after starting as first-year apprentices. We pride ourselves on our strong, professional and eager workforce and we are technically competent in all diagnostics and problem solving.

Customised service

As specialist repairers, much of our work focuses on fault identification, problem-solving, finalising quoted works and maintenance servicing day in and day out. Whether you’re a domestic, commercial or industrial customer, no two sites have the same heating and cooling requirements. We can tailor your equipment to ensure its operation remains effective, economical and meets your individual requirements.

We strive to deliver a prompt, efficient service so you are not inconvenienced any longer than is necessary. Our services include repair work to systems such as:

  • Ducted gas furnace heating
  • Add-on refrigerated cooling
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning
  • Ducted packaged
  • Ducted split
  • VRV/VRS split
  • Multi-head split
  • Hi-wall split
  • In-ceiling split
  • Under-ceiling split
  • Floor console split
  • In-window/wall

Customers often tell us they hesitated to call in our services because they were worried the problem was too small. We are air conditioning experts and it is our job to diagnose and fix any problems no matter what the size might be.

Air conditioning repairs in Queanbeyan

Common faults & problems include:

  • Air filter deterioration
  • Damaged return air
  • Fault code displayed
  • Faulty wall control
  • Temperature sensing
  • Faulty remote control
  • Heating / cooling not effective
  • Airflow – too little or too much
  • Tripping power supply
  • Storm / fusion damage
  • Abnormal odour
  • Abnormal noise
  • Vibration
  • Leaking water
  • Air vents and ducting


Prompt site attendance
Efficient job co-ordination
Reliable after sales service
Friendly expert advice
Quality workmanship
Workmanship for 3 months
Professional, reliable service

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